Teaching green: The high school years


Teaching green: The high school years


Co-editors: Tim Grant and Gail Littlejohn

Contributing author: Marsha Alibrandi


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Book Contribution


Marsha Alibrandi is a contributing author, "Thinking Spatially: GIS in the high school classroom".

Book description: This resource is ideal for anyone working with young people in grades 9-12, whether in schools or in non-formal educational settings. Richly illustrated, it offers 50 teaching strategies that promote learning about natural systems and foster critical thinking about environmental issues, both local and global. It contains new approaches to learning, strategies for living sustainably, and numerous activities that promote interdisciplinary learning. In addition, the book provides suggestions for how best to green individual subject areas, develop integrated learning programs or replicate exemplary programs created by innovative schools and communities.



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Alibrandi, M. (2006). Thinking Spatially: GIS in the high school classroom. In Grant & Littlejohn (Eds.) Teaching green: The high school years. New Society Publisher.


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