Rethinking the Black Freedom Movement


Rethinking the Black Freedom Movement


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The Civil Rights Movement is one of the most written-about and studied topics in American history. With all the information available though, it is easy for even the most enthusiastic reader to be overwhelmed. In Rethinking the Black Freedom Movement, Yohuru Williams has synthesized the most important information about the Civil Rights Movement, and how that bled into what became the Black Power Movement. He looks at the impact of the struggle for black civil rights on housing, transportation, education, labor, and voting rights, among other topics, to show that what is traditionally seen as a movement of the 1960s really extends back to the end of Reconstruction, and up through the present day.



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Yohuru Williams. Rethinking the Black Freedom Movement. [edited series: American Social and Political Movements of the Twentieth Century], edited by Heather Ann Thompson, Routledge. 2016.


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