The Italian American Experience in New Haven


The Italian American Experience in New Haven


Author: Anthony V. Ricco

Contributing author: Mary Ann McDonald Carolan


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Book Contribution


Mary Ann McDonald Carolan is a contributing author, "Foreword."

BOOK DESCRIPTION: Using interviews and photographs, Anthony Riccio provides a vital supplement to our understanding of the Italian immigrant experience in the United States. In conversations around kitchen tables and in social clubs, members of New Haven’s Italian American community evoke the rhythms of the streets and the pulse of life in the old ethnic neighborhoods. They describe the events that shaped the twentieth century—the Spanish Flu pandemic, the Great Depression, and World War II—along with the private histories of immigrant women who toiled under terrible working conditions in New Haven’s shirt factories, who sacrificed dreams of education and careers for the economic well-being of their families. This is a compelling social, cultural, and political history of a vibrant immigrant community.



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Carolan, Mary Ann McDonald. "Foreword." The Italian American Experience in New Haven by Anthony V. Ricco. Albany: SUNY Press, 2006, ix-xii.


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The Italian American Experience in New Haven