Internet for Nursing Research


Internet for Nursing Research


Co-editors: Joyce J. Fitzpatrick and Kristen S. Montgomery

Contributing author: Meredith Wallace [Kazer]


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Book Contribution


Meredith Wallace [Kazer] is a contributing author, " Challenges in Research Utilization for Educators & Clinicians".

Book description: This book is a resource for using the internet as a tool in all aspects of nursing research--conducting it, teaching it, and using it. From searching online databases to creating surveys and recruiting research subjects online, the internet opens new possibilities in the research process, as well as new problems. Experienced researchers describe internet-based research methods, information on online methods for teaching research, and accessing the research of others. The appendixes include samples of existing research projects that use internet-based methodologies, as well as a listing of online resources for researchers.



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Wallace, M. (2004). Challenges in Research Utilization for Educators & Clinicians. In Internet for Nursing Research. New York: Springer Publishing Company, 182-192.


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