Health Promotion Throughout the Lifespan, 5th edition


Health Promotion Throughout the Lifespan, 5th edition


Co-editors: Carole Lium Edelman and Carol Lynn Mandle

Contributing authors: Meredith Wallace [Kazer], T. Fulmer, C. Edelman


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Book Contribution


Meredith Wallace [Kazer] (with T. Fulmer and C. Edelman) is a contributing author, "Older Adult".

Book description: This comprehensive textbook covers all the major concepts of health promotion and disease prevention for all population groups including individuals, families, and communities. Its lifespan approach focuses on health promotion for all age groups. An assessment franework based on Gordon's Functional Health Patterns provides consistent presentation and an approach that promotes health. Current, timely, and readable, the 5th edition includes numerous special features that highlight critical information and help students apply concepts to practice.



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Wallace, M. Fulmer, T. & Edelman, C. (2001). Older Adult. In Health Promotion Throughout the Lifespan 5th edition (C. Edelman & C. Mandle Eds.).St. Louis: Mosby Year Book, Inc.


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