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For women who have experienced sexual abuse, the physical changes associated with pregnancy and the lack of control during birth can be catalysts for trauma from past abuse to resurface. This systematic review offers women’s health care providers a thorough evaluation of the state of the science on survivors’ childbearing experiences. The literature shows that lack of control, dissociation, and flashbacks are common themes. Re-experiencing of the trauma occurred during various stages of childbirth and was traumatizing to women. Nurses and other clinicians providing care to childbearing women can provide control to survivors during health care encounters and can form therapeutic relationships to help them have more positive childbirth experiences.


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Nursing for women's health

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LoGiudice, Jenna Alana. "A Systematic Literature Review of the Childbearing Cycle as Experienced by Survivors of Sexual Abuse." Nursing for women's health 20, no. 6 (2017): 582-594.



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