In search of the assassin


In search of the assassin


Susie Morgan


Susie Morgan.


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In 1984 Susie Morgan, an English journalist, was critically injured in a bomb attack at a press conference in Nicaragua, just across the Costa Rican border. The conference had been urgently convened by Eden Pastora, charismatic leader of the anti-Sandinista contra rebel force at his jungle headquarters. 17 journalists were injured and three killed in the blast. Pastora, the target, miraculously survived. It took Susie two years and dozens of operations to recover, and, as she did, she became obsessed by a desire to track down the assassin - a man who had passed himself off as a Danish photographer, had travelled with journalists to the press conference and had planted the bomb, concealed in his camera case, only inches from where Susie had stood. A story which chronicles Susie's own emotional odyssey, it is also a dramatic narrative of one woman's tenacious and courageous struggle against the labyrinthine machinations of corrupt governments on every side and of the enormous difficulty she faced as a journalist, with no legal powers, to get to the truth: a truth almost everyone wanted hidden.



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Morgan, Susie, In search of the assassin. London : Bloomsbury, 1991.


Copyright: Bloomsbury, 1991.