Medieval Masters. Essays in Memory of Msgr. E.A.Synan


Medieval Masters. Essays in Memory of Msgr. E.A.Synan


Editor: R.E. Houser

Contributing author: R. James Long


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Book Contribution


R. James Long is a contributing author, "Aquinas and the Cosmic Christ" , pp. 233-248.

Book description: All of the contributors in this memorial volume are paying tribute to their mentor, former University of Toronto (St. Michael's College) professor, Rev. Edward A. Synan. These essays provide ample proof that Synan's legacy of excellence will continue to influence students of philosophy for decades to come.In addition to ten essays, the volume contains a Synan bibliography and a very heartfelt opening remembrance from M. Jean Kitchel. The essays are wide ranging, exploring Bonaventure, John Duns Scotus, Averroes, and Albert the Great, as well as the Thomistic themes of essence and existence; creation, numbers, and natures; and friendship and Christology. There is also a discussion of the treatment of the problem of universals in Boethius, Porphyry, and Abelard



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R. James Long (1999). "Aquinas and the Cosmic Christ" in Medieval Masters. Essays in Memory of Msgr. E.A.Synan, ed. R.E. Houser, Thomistic Papers VII (Houston: Center for Thomistic Studies, 1999), pp. 233-48.