Encyclopedia of Medieval Philosophy


Encyclopedia of Medieval Philosophy


Editor: Henrik Lagerlund

Contributing author: R. James Long


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Book Contribution


R. James Long is a contributing author, "Richard Fishacre”.

Book description: The Encyclopedia of Medieval Philosophy covers all areas of philosophy in the Middle Ages and part of the Renaissance, ranging from 500 to 1500 CE. It contains general entries on medieval philosophers and medieval philosophies and on the key terms and concepts in the subject area, but it also provides more in-depth details and analyses of particular theories. Furthermore, in order to gain an insight into the social and cultural context of the material, entries are included on the teaching of philosophy, the career of philosophers, and the place of philosophy within the universities. Complete with cross-references between key words and related essays to enable efficient searches.



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R. James Long (2011) “Richard Fishacre” in Encyclopedia of Medieval Philosophy, ed. Henrik Lagerlund, springer.com (2011).