Workin’ on a Bassline (CD)


Workin’ on a Bassline (CD)

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Thunderstick members include:

Brian Torff, bass, vocal on Workin' on a bassline

Joe Beck, guitar

Grisha Alexiev, drums

Produced by

Bassline Records


Copyright 1997 Bassline Records

All songs produced, arranged and composed by Brian Q. Torff.

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Brian Torff composed, arranged and produced this CD in addition to playing the bass. He also contributed the vocals on 'Workin' on a bassline'.

Recorded at Presence Studios, Westport, Conn., June 11, 1997.


1. Underground railroad (5:20) -- 2. Life in East Bumblepuck (5:06) -- 3. Spirits rejoice (5:00) -- 4. Lula's work song (4:34) -- 5. Soul of the quarter (5:12) -- 6. Ghost train (4:48) -- 7. What the bass say (4:50) -- 8. Workin' on a bassline (8:11) -- 9. Hoodoo man (3:30) -- 10. Blowed up real good (4:00).

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