Life in East Bumblepuck (CD)


Life in East Bumblepuck (CD)

Artist(s) role(s)

Bass: Brian Torff

Trumpets: Tony Kadleck, Fred Maxwell

Tenor Saxophone: Ken Gioffre

Trombone: John Fumasoli

Keyboards: Brian Charette

Drums: Grisha Alexiev

Percussion: Diana Herold

Produced by

Bassline Records


Copyright 2004 Bassline Records.

All songs composed and arranged by Brian Q. Torff, Quade Music, BMI, 2004.

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Brian Torff composed, arranged and produced this CD in addition to playing the bass.


Dominating 7:01, Life in East Bumblepuck 6:02, House of Dzugu 5:24, Zydeco Steps 7:20, Gnarly Shred 5:59, Earth Mother 6:41, Illinois Central 4:23, A Night on the Underground Railroad 4:11, Workin’ On a Bassline 4:02, Farewell, Duke of Prunes 5:11, Epilogue 1:30

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