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What has most influenced your thinking as a Catholic Theologian?

Dr. Nancy Dallavalle comments on what has influenced her thinking as a Catholic Feminist Theologian. Her studies at the University of Notre Dame with Dr. Catherine LaCugna and her exposure to the writings of Dr. Karl Rahner, S.J. persuaded her to think of Catholicism as teaching a very important story. Catholicism shows a deep respect for the way the world is and how it mediates the sacred.

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About the Interviewee:

Dr. Nancy Dallavalle holds a Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame and is Chair of the Religious Studies Department at Fairfield University. She works as a Catholic Systematic Theologian with special interests in the conversation between science and religion and the role of Catholics in the public forum. Also, Dr. Dallavalle has written on related issues including the following: “Resilient Citizens: The Public (and Gendered) Face of American Catholicism” in Inculturation and the Church in North America, Kennedy, S.J., T. Frank (ed.) and “Feminist Theologies” in The Cambridge Companion to Karl Rahner, Hines, Mary and Marmion, Declan (eds.).

About the Interviewer:

Dr. Alfred Benney is a professor of Religious Studies at Fairfield University. He has a Ph.D in Theology from the Hartford Seminary Foundation and teaches courses in Non-Traditional American Religions and Christian Religious Thought. His research interests include "how people learn"; "the appropriate use of technology in teaching/learning" and "myth as explanatory narrative". He has published work on teaching with technology.

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