Integral education: New directions for higher learning


Integral education: New directions for higher learning


Co-Editors: Sean Esbjorn-Hargens, Jonathan Reams, Olen Gunnlaugson

Contributing Author: Roben Torosyan


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Roben Torosyan is a contributing author, "Teaching Integratively: Five Dimensions of Transformation".

Book description: Leading researchers and practitioners explore the frontiers of education from an Integral perspective.The educational challenges faced today are driving us toward a new step in the evolution of educational theory and practice. Educators are called to go beyond simply presenting alternatives, to integrating the best of mainstream and alternative approaches and taking them to the next level. Integral Education accomplishes this by bringing together leading researchers and practitioners from higher education who are actively exploring the frontiers of education from an integral perspective. It presents an overview of the emerging landscape of integral education from a variety of theoretical and applied perspectives. Key characteristics of integral education include exploring multiple perspectives, employing different pedagogical techniques (e.g., reflective, dialogical, empirical), combining conceptual rigor with embodied experience, drawing on developmental psychology, and cultivating a reflective and transformative space for students and teachers alike. Integral Education provides the most comprehensive synopsis of this exciting new approach and serves as a valuable resource for any integral effort within education. - Publisher description



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Torosyan, R. (2010). Teaching integratively: Five dimensions of transformation. Refereed chapter in Esbjörn-Hargens, S., Reams, J. & Gunnlaugson, O. (Eds.). Integral education: New directions for higher learning. Albany: State University of New York Press.


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Integral education: New directions for higher learning