September 11: Economic Viewpoints


September 11: Economic Viewpoints


Centage-South Western, Corporate Author

Edward J. Deak, Contributing Author



Edward J. Deak is a contributing author, "The Economics of Insurance Coverage Post 9/11".

Book Description: In addition to the loss, grief and geopolitical changes resulting from the events of Sept. 11, 2001, it soon became clear the world would have to deal with another, subtler impact - an economic one. Virtually every part of the U.S. - and world - economy reacted to Sept. 11 and its aftermath. Economics is uniquely qualified to analyze these types of effects, both those making headlines as well as the more indirect adjustments that few outside the profession would notice. This collection of essays - each written by a South-Western economics author highly regarded for both academic and professional achievements - offers a variety of perspectives on the economic effects of these events. Topics include gas prices, environmental issues, insurance, transportation, public policy, globalization, trade policies toward Pakistan and many others. No one can adequately explain the events of the day, but this insightful book offers valuable understanding of the subsequent economic impacts - and potential trends. – Publisher description



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Deak, Edward J. 'The Economics of Insurance Coverage Post 9/11.' In September 11: Economic Viewpoints. South-Western College Publishing, 2002.

September 11: Economic Viewpoints