Main burner, method and apparatus - U.S. Patent 6,748,745

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The invention is a method and apparatus for use therewith for a main burner of a gas turbine. The method employs catalytic combustion to support main combustion. More specifically, a rich fuel/air mixture is catalytically oxidized with the resulting reacted mixture being made lean by having additional air added thereto. The resulting lean mixture is then combusted in the presence of the main mixture that is also lean thereby supporting combustion of the main mixture. The method allows for enhanced turndown of a lean main mixture.


U.S. Patent 6,748,745, issued June 15, 2004.

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Karim, Md Hasan Ul, Kent Lyle, Lance L. Smith, Shahrokh Etemad, and William C. Pfefferle. "Main burner, method and apparatus." U.S. Patent 6,748,745, issued June 15, 2004.