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Recent studies have revealed that concrete can be used as a media to contain As (arsenic) removed from drinking water. Concrete, which is a composite material, has been effective in solidifying hazardous wastes and contaminated soils. A research project was conducted to study the effects of uncontaminated soil and arsenic contaminated soil on the microstructure of concrete to qualitatively define the mechanisms of the encapsulation of soils containing inorganic material such as arsenic by application of solidification/stabilization technique. This research paper focused on studying the surface morphology of RPC (reactive powder concrete) containing soil.


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Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering

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Ande, S., Berdanier, B.W., and Ramakrishnan, V., (2013), “Surface Morphology of Reactive Powder Concrete Containing Soil,” Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering, 2(4), 250-255.



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