Catalytic reactor for low-Btu fuels - U.S. Patent 7,521,028

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An improved catalytic reactor includes a housing having a plate positioned therein defining a first zone and a second zone, and a plurality of conduits fabricated from a heat conducting material and adapted for conducting a fluid therethrough. The conduits are positioned within the housing such that the conduit exterior surfaces and the housing interior surface within the second zone define a first flow path while the conduit interior surfaces define a second flow path through the second zone and not in fluid communication with the first flow path. The conduit exits define a second flow path exit, the conduit exits and the first flow path exit being proximately located and interspersed. The conduits define at least one expanded section that contacts adjacent conduits thereby spacing the conduits within the second zone and forming first flow path exit flow orifices having an aggregate exit area greater than a defined percent of the housing exit plane area. Lastly, at least a portion of the first flow path defines a catalytically active surface.


U.S. Patent 7,521,028, issued April 21, 2009.

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Smith, Lance, Shahrokh Etemad, Hasan Karim, and William C. Pfefferle. "Catalytic reactor for low-Btu fuels." U.S. Patent 7,521,028, issued April 21, 2009.