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Homogeneous nucleation rate measurements have been made on ethanol, n‐propanol, and i‐propanol vapors over a range of temperatures and supersaturations. The Becker–Doring–Zeldovitch nucleation rate expression has been scaled so as to give good agreement with the measured nucleation rates. The same scaling factors are also used to compare calculated critical supersaturations with experimental data obtained from this investigation and a variety of other sources. The agreement is good in all cases. The nucleation rate measurements and the critical supersaturation data from this investigation reveal anomalous behavior for ethanol near 260 K and for n‐propanol near 275 K.


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The Journal of chemical physics

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Kacker, A., & Heist, R. H. (1985). Homogeneous nucleation rate measurements. I. Ethanol, n‐propanol, and i‐propanol. The Journal of chemical physics, 82(6), 2734-2744.



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