Traditional Versus Engineered Abrasives on Material Removal and Surface Quality

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Recently, abrasive manufacturers have developed a new generation of tooling denominated Engineered Abrasives, which present a known grit geometry and distribution in contrast to the traditionally random arrangement of minerals. However, this new abrasive has been developed for use on metals and its behavior and performance on wood is still unknown. The objective of this research is to compare the performance of traditional versus engineered abrasives when exposed to different machining conditions on wood. The contributions of this paper include a characterization of the new abrasive on wood machining and a comparison of their performance against traditional abrasives.


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Proceedings of the Industrial Engineering Research Conference, IERC 2002

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Saloni, D.F., Lemaster, R.L., and Carrano, A.L. Traditional versus engineered abrasives on material removal and surface quality. Industrial Engineering Research Conference, IERC 2002. May 19-22, 2002. Orlando, Florida.

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