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The objective of this study was to evaluate the major factors that influence the correctness of household chemical utilization in the Jordanian households. The practices in the use of household chemicals of 1200 women in Al-Karak Governate of the country of Jordan were surveyed through a quantitative questionnaire in 2009. The results were analyzed in population sets grouped by different demographic relationships (i.e., age, level of education, family size, number of working members and geographic location). Analysis of Variation (ANOVA) of the population means based on these groupings was conducted. The results indicated that age, level of education, family size and number of working members were all important and statistically significant factors in the proper use of household chemicals in the study area. The means of the population sets based on geographic distribution did not vary significantly indicating that education on the proper use of household chemicals is needed throughout Jordan.


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Research Journal of Environmental Sciences

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Ziadat, A.H., Hamarneh, R.Z., and Berdanier, B.W., (2010), “Assessment of the Use of Household Chemicals in Al-Karak Governate, Jordan,” Research Journal of Environmental Sciences, 4(6), 549-557



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