Design, Development, and Deployment of Low Impact Solar Ovens for Impoverished Populations

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The objective of this work was to design and develop an effective multifunctional solar oven that can be mass produced with minimal environmental impact and feasible for distribution to low-income populations at low cost using the capital, labor, and materials that are typically available in developing areas of Latin America. Following a phase/gate methodology, a team gathered information from a rural community in Venezuela, and tested several designs balancing cost, performance, and environmental impact. This paper describes the entire design process. The Life Cycle Assessment section describes the environmental impacts associated with the manufacturing and retirement of the ovens. This work earned a first prize award in the EPA P3 Competition, 2005.


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Proceedings of the Industrial Engineering Research Conference, IERC 2006

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Thorn, Brian, Andres Carrano, Christopher Wood, and Carlos Plaz. Design, development and deployment of low impact solar ovens for impoverished populations. Industrial Engineering Research Conference, IERC 2006. May 20-24, 2006. Orlando, Florida

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