The distribution of heavy metals in urban street dusts of Karak City, Jordan

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Street dust samples from urban and suburban areas were collected from the city of Karak, Jordan, during the summer season of 2004. Samples were analyzed for their heavy metal concentrations (Pb, Cu, Zn, Ni, Fe, Cr, Cd, and Mn). The results showed that all heavy metals are higher in city urban areas than the surrounding suburbs. The distribution and concentrations of heavy metals in all areas show automobile originated sources such as emissions and wear and tear of automobiles were the main source of pollution. Despite the fact that the city of Karak and the capital Amman are under the same climatic conditions and same type of fuel used in both cities, the heavy metal concentrations of street dust samples were lower in Karak than Amman due to the lower traffic density.


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Soil & Sediment Contamination

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El-Hasan, Tayel, Mufeed Batarseh, Hamzeh Al-Omari, Anf Ziadat, Abdullah El-Alali, Farah Al-Nasir, Bruce W. Berdanier, and Anwar Jiries. "The distribution of heavy metals in urban street dusts of Karak City, Jordan." Soil & Sediment Contamination 15, no. 4 (2006): 357-365.