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Co-editors: Paula Gillepsie, Alice Gillam, and Byron Stay.

Contributing author: Elizabeth Boquet


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Elizabeth Boquet is a contributing author, "Disciplinary Action: The Making of a Writing Center Researcher."

Book description: There are writing centers at almost every college and university in the United States, and there is an emerging body of professional discourse, research, and writing about them. The goal of this book is to open, formalize, and further the dialogue about research in and about writing centers. The original essays in this volume, all written by writing center researchers, directly address current concerns in several ways: they encourage studies, data collection, and publication by offering detailed, reflective accounts of research; they encourage a diversity of approaches by demonstrating a range of methodologies (e.g., ethnography, longitudinal case study; rhetorical analysis, teacher research) available to both veteran and novice writing center professionals; they advance an ongoing conversation about writing center research by explicitly addressing epistemological and ethical issues. The book aims to encourage and guide other researchers, while at the same time offering new knowledge that has resulted from the studies it analyzes.



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Boquet, Elizabeth. “Disciplinary Action: The Making of a Writing Center Researcher.” Writing Center Research. Eds. Paula Gillespie, Alice Gillam, Byron Stay. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum and Associates, 2002.


Copyright 2002 Lawrence Erlbaum and Associates

Received, 2002 International Writing Centers Association Outstanding Scholarship Award.

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