The Subject is Writing


The Subject is Writing


Editors: Wendy Bishop and Jim Strickland

Contributing authors: Elizabeth Boquet and Katherine Holahan



Elizabeth Boquet, with Katherine Holahan, is a contributing author, "The Friendly, Neighborhood Writing Center—Your Personal Trainer for Writing."

Book description: Like earlier editions of the widely used Subject Is Writing, the Fourth edition continues the tradition of bringing first-year students into contact with provocative ideas and voices—some of them fellow students—that will change how they think about writing. Its fresh, direct approach will appeal to your sense of purpose and professionalism as it engages your students' interests and sensibilities. The practical yet reflective nature of the book remains, with questions at the end of each chapter that invite students to respond to the essayists with essays of their own. An appendix of new and revised hint sheets provides a selection of handouts and writing tips that impart advice about some of the more practical aspects of writing and the writing classroom. In addition, a new, user-friendly Instructor's Manual is available online for adopters of the text.



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Holahan, Katherine and Elizabeth Boquet. “The Friendly, Neighborhood Writing Center—Your Personal Trainer for Writing.” The Subject is Writing. Eds. Wendy Bishop and Jim Strickland. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann/Boynton-Cook, 2005.


Copyright 2005 Heinemann/Boynton-Cook

The Subject is Writing