Typhoon and Other Stories


Typhoon and Other Stories


Author: Joseph Conrad

Introduction by Barry Unsworth

Explanatory notes by Nels Pearson



Nels Pearson contributed the explanatory notes, pp. 221-237.

Book description: These powerful stories, as Conrad critic Paul Kirschner has observed, present “a chiaroscuro of sea and land life in an alternating rhythm of hope and despair.” In “Typhoon,” a storm upends a captain’s complacency, hurling him and his crew into a terrifying battle with nature. “Amy Foster” tells the story of an Eastern European immigrant shipwrecked off the coast of England, and his ultimately doomed love affair with the dim-witted Amy Foster. In “Falk,” the protagonist harbors a terrible secret that inhibits his ability to confront the woman he loves and find the wife he longs for. And in “Tomorrow,” the son of a retired sea captain, who has been waiting years for his boy to come home, finally returns, but only because he is destitute and needs money.



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Pearson, Nels. Explanatory Notes to Typhoon and Other Stories by Joseph Conrad. New York: Random House (Modern Library Classics), 2003. pp. 221-237

Typhoon and Other Stories