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When Western New England University announced its intentions to switch over its entire website from a legacy homegrown system to a brand new CMS, we were faced with moving all content on the library’s website from one platform to another over the course of a summer. We needed to make our content fit into a strict new design scheme, but also wanted to take full advantage of the switch and use it as an opportunity to make our content work even better for our students.

To determine how successfully students were able to navigate the new library website, we partnered with our engineering department to conduct a usability study using eyetracking software. In addition to useful information about how students use the website, we also learned a great deal about conducting research and working with outside partners. Through sharing our experience, we hope that anyone interested in conducting their own usability study will come away with tips, ideas, and pitfalls to avoid.


© 2020 Lindsay Guarnieri, Tracey Kry, and Emily Porter-Fyke. All rights reserved. Publisher PDF has been archived here with permission from the copyright holder.

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College & Research Libraries News

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Guarnieri, L., Kry, T., & Porter-Fyke, E. (2020). The eyes have it: Using eye-tracking to evaluate a library website. College & Research Libraries News, 81(9), 440-444. doi:



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