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Be revolutionary! Lead the charge against academic dishonesty on your campus! Learn how Fairfield University Librarians are leading their campus on this critical issue. Learn about their highly successful academic integrity workshop series for faculty. Be inspired to integrate academic integrity into your first year students' orientation program. See their creative lesson plans. Learn to be a leader against academic dishonesty on your campus! This poster will showcases a highly effective library-sponsored workshop series on Academic Integrity designed for faculty and professional staff. In addition, a model of collaboration with Student Services that integrates academic integrity into first year students' orientation program will be highlighted.

Faculty workshop #1 - Academic Integrity: Encouraging a Frank Discussion. In this workshop, we used a lesson plan with faculty that we created for use in the classroom with students; this lesson was developed to get students to talk honestly about academic integrity, using ethical case scenarios. Included in this workshop was the game “The Cite is Right” where faculty/staff attending were game show participants. The “Cite is Right” game used clicker technology and allowed workshop participants to vote on how they would handle complex situations, including ethical dilemmas in group work, and thorny issues in proper citation and copyright.

Faculty workshop #2 - Conquer Plagiarism: Strategies for Preventing and Detecting Plagiarism. While cheating is nothing new to academia, new technologies allow for surprising ways to lift content and more creative ways to “share” information in an unethical manner. In this workshop, librarians sharing shocking data about academic (dis)honesty, especially as it relates to new technologies and, perhaps more importantly, unique ways to get faculty to generate and share creative solutions.

The poster showcases the collaborative and successful efforts by Fairfield University librarians to incorporate academic honesty issues into the University's first-year student orientation program.

Learning Outcome One Empower librarians to be leaders for academic honesty on their campuses. Learning Outcome Two Provide practical strategies and lesson plans to be used with faculty and students. Learning Outcome Three Encourage unique ways to collaborate with faculty and professional staff on campus.

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McGowan, C., Kremer, J. A. (2011). Honesty is the Best Policy: Wisdom by Ben Franklin and Fairfield University on Academic Honesty. Poster session presented at ACRL 2011 National Conference, Philadelphia, PA.