BMI and Smoking: Interrelated Factors among Cessation Website Users

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Objective: To investigate the relationship between body mass index (BMI) and smoking.

Methods: Participants (N = 2243) provided demographic, height, weight, smoking information through a survey conducted on smokefree. gov and women. smokefree. gov websites. Analysis assessed associations among BMI, smoking status, and cigarettes smoked per day (CPD).

Results: The average (SD) BMI of never, former, intermittent, and daily smokers was 26.3 (6.2), 27.9 (6.5), 27.4 (6.7) and 28.1 (6.8) respectively. Daily (31.2%) and former (32.3%) were more likely to be to be obese compared to never (22.0%) and intermittent (26.1%) smokers. Odds of being obese increased with number of CPD adjusting for potential confounders.

Conclusions: Smokers may currently have BMIs similar to the general population. BMI and CPD were positively correlated.


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American journal of health behavior

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Schindler-Ruwisch, J., Augustson, E., Lynch, K., & Patrick, H. (2015). BMI and Smoking: Interrelated Factors among Cessation Website Users. American journal of health behavior, 39(3), 330-337.https://doi.org/10.5993/AJHB.39.3.5.



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