The PREEMI as a measure of parent engagement in the NICU

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While some research exists about how mothers become engaged with their infants, there is little research exploring differences in parental needs and discerning distinct engagement styles for mothers and fathers. This study provided evidence to better understand parent engagement by examining differences in mothers' and fathers' responses.

Individualizing the infant's plan of care, can support mothers and fathers to attain the confidence and skills necessary to care and manage their infant's care: which introduces the concept of self-management in the NICU.

Using the PREEMI instrument to assess engagement has the potential to promote collaboration and communication with the health care team that emphasizes individualized care that is personal, holistic, and comprehensive while at the same time identifying and supporting at risk parents.


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Applied Nursing Research

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Makris, N., Vittner, D., Samra, H., McGrath, J. (2019). The PREEMI as a measure of parent engagement in the NICU. Applied Nursing Research. 47, 24-28. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.apnr.2019.03.007



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