Transformational Learning in Graduate Nurse Education Through Podcasting

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AIM To introduce faculty to podcasting, giving them opportunities for course integration in nursing. BACKGROUND Faculty represented adult, gerontological, psychiatric, acute, and family health specialties interested in technology integration. METHOD Faculty were invited to submit an abstract describing interest and experience with educational technology and intended use of podcasting. Each faculty received an iPod® and sessions were held updating the required technical skills. Transformational learning was the conceptual framework, and faculty and students were encouraged and tutored in workshops to utilize podcast technology. Faculty launched podcasts on the university's platform, monitored students' responses, and conducted end-of-course evaluations. RESULTS Faculty enthusiastically embraced podcasting's potential. Students' responses were mixed. Many viewed podcasts as extra work and preferred face-to-face class or written assignments. Podcasts were helpful to others, especially during commutes or for reviewing or reinforcing material. Auditory learners also preferred podcasts. CONCLUSION Despite some technical difficulties, responses were positive. Using the theory of transformational learning and allowing students greater flexibility in obtaining knowledge, asynchronously, and at their own pace, proved beneficial.


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Nursing Education Perspectives

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Marrocco, Geraldine F., Meredith Wallace Kazer, and Leslie Neal-Boylan. "Transformational Learning in Graduate Nurse Education Through Podcasting." Nursing Education Perspectives 35.1 (2014): 49-53. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.5480/10-421.1



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