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The rapid increase of diverse patients living in the US has created a different set of needs in healthcare, with the persistence of health disparities continuing to challenge the current system. Chronic disease management has been discussed as a way to improve health outcomes, with quality patient education being a key component. Using a community based participatory research framework, this study utilized a web-based survey and explored clinical staff perceptions of barriers to providing patient education during primary care visits. With a response rate of nearly 42 %, appointment time allotment seemed to be one of the most critical factors related to the delivery of health education and should be considered key. The importance of team-based care and staff training were also significant. Various suggestions were made in order to improve the delivery of quality patient education at community health centers located in underserved areas.


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Journal of Community Health

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Alicea-Planas, Jessica, Alix Pose, and Linda Smith. "Barriers to Providing Health Education During Primary Care Visits at Community Health Centers: Clinical Staff Insights." Journal of community health (2015): 1-6. doi:10.1007/s10900-015-0085.2



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