If They Were Real: Lessons Learned from Literary Characters With Dementia

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Dementia and its side effects often leave individuals unable to tell their stories or experiences. Consequently, nurses must rely strictly on clinical observations as a basis for understanding dementia-an understanding that is necessary to provide the best possible care. Relying on clinical observations leads to challenges in fully understanding the experience of living with dementia. Fictional literature gives authors license to write about individuals with dementia rather than the clinical aspects of the disease, which provides insight into the patient and family experience and illustrates their needs. The current article explores dementia through an analysis of eight literary works and insights that may help expand the quality of geriatric nursing care.


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Journal of gerontological nursing

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Kazer, Meredith Wallace, and Karen Osborn. "If They Were Real: Lessons Learned from Literary Characters With Dementia." Journal of gerontological nursing 41.9 (2015): 42-47. 10.3928/00989134-20150522-66