Green Energy: An A-to-Z Guide


Green Energy: An A-to-Z Guide


Editors: Dustin Mulvaney & Paul Robbins

Contributing author: David Downie


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Book Contribution


David Downie is a contributing author, "Berlin Mandate."

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This initial volume in the SAGE Series on Green Society provides an overview of the social and environmental dimensions of our energy system, and the key organizations, policy tools, and technologies that can help shape a green-energy economy. Each entry draws on scholarship from across numerous social sciences, natural and physical sciences, and engineering. The urgency of climate change underscores the importance of getting the right technologies, policies and incentives, and social checks-and-balances in place. This reference resource will prepare those with a sparking interest in the topic to participate in what will hopefully become an equitable and intergenerational conversation about the impacts of our energy consumption and how to make it cleaner and greener. Via its 150 signed entries, Green Energy: An A-to-Z Guide provides students, professors, and researchers an invaluable reference, presented in both print and electronic formats. Its clear and accessible writing style, together with vivid photos, numerous cross-references, extensive resource guide, and other pedagogical tools make it a valuable tool for the classroom as well as for research purposes.



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Downie, D. (2011). Berlin mandate. In D. Mulvaney & P. Robbins (Eds.) Green energy: An A-to-Z guide. (pp. 26-27). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc.


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Green Energy: An A-to-Z Guide