Diverse families, competent families


Diverse families, competent families


Janet F. Gillespie and Judy Primavera: Co-Editors and Co-Contributing Authors


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Judy Primavera is a contributing author (with Janet F. Gillespie), "Research on family resilience: Room for all and strength for each".

Book Description: Diverse Families, Competent Families provides human service professionals with a portrait of the real lives and practical challenges of our nation's families as they face a new millennium. It examines family adaptation and competence in a variety of contexts and situations such as, day-to-day issues of coping and survival, as well as major milestones such as sending children off to school and becoming a caregiver for a family member.

This unique book also spans multiple levels of families’existence, examining home, school, and the larger community to provide you with an understanding of the societal dynamics that can have an influence on families.

In Diverse Families, Competent Families, you will discover new, and positive ways to view families, particularly ethnic minority families, low-income families, immigrant families, and families who are coping with specific life stressors such as financial loss, unemployment, divorce, and death. – Publisher description.



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Gillespie, J.F.; Primavera, Judy. 'Research on family resilience: Room for all and strength for each.' Diverse families, competent families. Ed. Gillespie, J.F.; Primavera, J.. Haworth Press, 2000.

Diverse families, competent families