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This paper raises issues of change in both highland Morocco and within the practice of Anthropology itself. The first part of the paper argues that at least some of the shifting boundaries in the social sciences offer opportunities for younger anthropologists, and that disciplinary change is not necessarily something to fear. The paper then explores what an anthropology of change might involve and discusses a particular situation of change among highland Berber speakers in Morocco, for whom migration, state education and development are producing economic, social and linguistic shifts, all of which are re-shaping local lives.


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This is the authors pre-print version of an article subsequently accepted for publication in Anthropology in Action, 9(1) pp.3-12, 2002. The definitive version is available at .

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Anthropology in Action

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Crawford, David L. “The Intellectual Economy of an Anthropology of Change” in Anthropology in Action Vol. 9, No. 1. Pp. 3-12. 2002.

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