Self-reflections on group dynamics

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This article provides a first-person account of a training program in group dynamics. It is deliberately written in the first-person to capture the highly personal nature of group dynamic analysis. Proceeding through an intensive account of six days of T-groups, module facilitation, and facilitator feedback sessions, the author examines painful emotions and complicated reasoning that arose in encountering several relational and intrapsychic conflicts. In particular, feelings such as needing approval and leaping to respond to various "triggers" are emphasized and several alternatives are suggested. Applications are implied for teachers, psycho-therapists, and facilitators of groups of many kinds. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]


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Journal of Creativity in Mental Health

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Torosyan, R. (2008).Self-reflections on group dynamics. Journal of Creativity in Mental Health, 3 (1), 1-15.



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