Establishing a SelectedWorks Site:

SelectedWorks pages are available to Fairfield University faculty members who contribute content to DigitalCommons@Fairfield. Library staff will create your Selected Works page for you.

The first step is to contact the DigitalCommons@Fairfield Team at with your CV or other information regarding any content you would like added to the repository - The DigitalCommons Team at the Library will conduct all the necessary rights-checking and metadata gathering and the permissible content will be uploaded into DigitalCommons@Fairfield.

After your content has been loaded into the repository, the DigitalCommons Team at the Library will create your SelectedWorks page and “collect” all the content in the repository over to your SelectedWorks page. You will receive an automatically generated email once your SelectedWorks site is visible on our site. At that time you may go into your SelectedWorks account and edit it as you see fit.

NOTE: It is very important to have all permissible content first loaded into DigitalCommons@Fairfield to avoid technical and access issues. Thank you for your cooperation. Your questions are welcomed via

To learn more about SelectedWorks, please visit our LibGuide.