Critical Incidents in Group Counseling


Critical Incidents in Group Counseling


Co-editors: Lawrence E. Tyson, Rachelle Perussem, Jim Whitledge

Contributing authors: Ford Brooks, Ann Vernon, Diana Hulse-Killacky


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Book Contribution


Diana Hulse-Killacky (with F. Brooks and A. Vernon) is a contributing author, "Dominating member: 'You don’t understand how difficult this is for me!'", pp. 183-190.

Book description: This practical text examines critical incidents—or frequently occurring problems—that arise in “real life” group counseling settings. The incidents provide a means to explore the difficult decisions that group leaders face and serve to create learning opportunities for further discussion. Leading experts and practitioners in the field analyze each incident and discuss the behavior of the group leader and group members to afford the reader with insight into best practices. Issues considered include confidentiality, member screening, establishing trust, goal development, dual relationships, coercion, self-disclosure, referrals, and termination. An excellent resource for counseling classes in group work, ethical and legal issues, and practicum, as well as a handy refresher for private practitioners.



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Brooks, Ford, Vernon, Ann, Hulse-Killacky, Diana (2004). Dominating member: "You don’t understand how difficult this is for me!” (In L. E. Tyson, R. Perusse, & J. Whitledge (Eds.), Critical Incidents in Group Counseling (pp. 183-190). Alexandria, VA: American Counseling Association.


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