101 Careers in Nursing


101 Careers in Nursing


Co-editors: Jeanne M. Novotny, Doris T. Lippman, Nicole K. Sanders, Joyce J. Fitzpatrick

Contributing author: Tracey Robert


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Tracey Robert is a contributing author, "Launching Your Career Search," p. 185-194.

Book description: Few careers offer the advantages that nursing offers: flexibility, room for growth, satisfaction from helping others. And there is a desperate need for nurses - demand will exceed supply for some time to come. This concise volume provides an overview of what's possible in a nursing career. It profiles 101 different types of nursing careers, including a basic description, education requirements, skills needed, compensation, and related web sites and professional organizations. Personal stories from the practicing nurses highlight the content.



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Robert, Tracey (2003)." Launching Your Career Search". In Novotny, Jeanne M., Lippman, Doris T., Sanders, Nicole K., & Fitzpatrick, Joyce J. (Eds.). 101 Careers in Nursing. New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company.


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