Beyond Berlin: Twelve German Cities Confront the Nazi Past


Beyond Berlin: Twelve German Cities Confront the Nazi Past


Co-Editors: Gavriel Rosenfeld and Paul Jaskot

Co-contributing authors: Gavriel Rosenfeld and Paul Jaskot


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Gavriel Rosenfeld (wiith Paul Jaskot), in addition to a co-editing this book, is a co-contributing author,:

“Urban Space and the Nazi Past in Postwar Germany [with Paul Jaskot]”, p.1-24. and,

""Memory and the Museum: Munich's Struggle to Build a Documentation Center for the History of National Socialism", pp.163-185.

Book description: Beyond Berlin breaks new ground in the ongoing effort to understand how memorials, buildings, and other spaces have figured in Germany's confrontation with its Nazi past. The contributors challenge reigning views of Germany's postwar memory work by examining how specific urban centers apart from the nation's capital have wrestled with their respective Nazi legacies. A wide range of West and East German cities is profiled in the volume: prominent metropolises like Hamburg, dynamic regional centers like Dresden, gritty industrial cities like Wolfsburg, and idyllic rural towns like Quedlinburg. In employing historical, art historical, anthropological, and geographical methodologies to examine these and other important urban centers, the volume's case studies shed new light upon the complex ways in which the confrontation with the Nazi past has directly shaped the German urban landscape since the end of the Second World War.



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Rosenfeld, G. and Jaskot, P. eds. (2008) Beyond Berlin: Twelve German Cities Confront the Nazi Past, (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2008).