Sociology of Education: An A-to-Z Guide


Sociology of Education: An A-to-Z Guide


Co-editors: James Ainsworth, J. Geoffrey Golson

Contributing co-authors: Rachelle J. Brunn, W. Carons Byrd


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Book Contribution


Rachelle Brunn (with W. Caron Byrd) is a contributing author, "Virginia."

DESCRIPTION: The sociology of education is a rich interdisciplinary field that studies schools as their own social world as well as their place within the larger society. The field draws contributions from education, sociology, human development, family studies, economics, politics and public policy. Sociology of Education: An A-to-Z Guide introduces students to the social constructions of our educational systems and their many players, including students and their peers, teachers, parents, the broader community, politicians and policy makers. The roles of schools, the social processes governing schooling, and impacts on society are all critically explored. Despite an abundance of textbooks and specialized monographs, there are few up-to-date reference works in this area.



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Brunn, Rachelle J. and W. Carson Byrd. 2013. “Virginia”, in James Ainsworth and J. Geoffrey Golson (eds.), Sociology of Education: An A-to-Z Guide. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.


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