Deporting Our Souls: Values, Morality, and Immigration Policy


Deporting Our Souls: Values, Morality, and Immigration Policy


Bill Ong Hing



In the past three decades, images of undocumented immigrants pouring across the southern border have driven the immigration debate and policies have been implemented in response to those images. More recently, the Oklahoma City bombings and the tragic events of September 11 have provided further impetus to implement policies that are anti-immigration in design and effect. This book discusses the major immigration policy areas - undocumented workers, the immigration selection system, deportation of aggravated felons, national security and immigration policy, and the integration of new Americans - and the author suggests his own proposals on how to address the policy challenges. The author also reviews some of the policies that have been put forth and ignored and suggests new policies that would be good for the country economically and socially.

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Published October 16th 2006 by Cambridge University Press