Managing Organizational Culture Change: The Case of Long-Term Care

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Recent research has focused on organizations as continuously confronted by forces for change. These forces may cause organizations to rethink their deeply held cultural values and beliefs in order to survive in the changing landscape. Using the long-term care industry as an exemplar, we argue that effective change requires understanding what organizational culture means, and understanding how organizational change typically occurs. Though some scholars emphasize that change is largely out of the control of organization leaders and primarily the result of evolutionary and revolutionary forces, we argue that culture change can be effectively managed. We conclude with implementation strategies for effective culture change management.


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Journal of Social Work in Long-Term Care

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Gibson, D. E. & Barsade, S. G. 2003. “Managing Organizational Culture Change: The Case of Long-Term Care.” Journal of Social Work in Long-Term Care, Vol. 2(1,2), pp. 11-34.



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