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This preliminary study utilizes a data envelopment methodology to assess the strategic orientations of LTL motor carriers and their impact on customer satisfaction and fi rm profi tability. Strategic orientations are described in terms of seven dimensions previously identifi ed in the motor carrier literature. The study demonstrates that there are “best practice” confi gurations of the intensities of these strategic dimensions that most effi ciently generate the maximum levels of customer satisfaction and perceived levels of service quality. It is shown how the data envelopment methodology provides motor carriers with a means of benchmarking their strategic orientations as well as identifying the competitors against whom such benchmarking should occur.


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Journal of the Transportation Research Forum

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Scheraga, Carl A. "The relative efficiency in the blending of strategic dimensions utilized in the generation of customer satisfaction in the LTL motor carrier industry." In Journal of the Transportation Research Forum, vol. 44, no. 1. (Spring 2005), pp. 75-88.