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Corporate transparency, which involves financial, governance, and competitive strategy disclosure, may have implications with respect to the development and effectiveness of alliance systems. This study investigates the intensity of competitive strategy disclosure, which has received little attention in the literature by the members of the three major airline alliances, Star, oneworld, and SkyTeam. Through an examination of the corporate annual reports of each participant, the level of strategy disclosure is assessed. Further, based on the seminal work of Gray (1988) that explored the relationship between a country's cultural profile and the level of disclosure by corporations in that country, the study investigates the relationship between the intensity of disclosure and the cultural identity of each of the airline alliance members.


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Journal of the Transportation Research Forum

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Catherine Giapponi & Carl Scheraga. “National Culture and Competitive Strategy Disclosure in Global Airline Strategic Alliances,” Journal of the Transportation Research Forum, 47.1, 57-72 (2008)

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