Learned ethical behavior: An academic perspective

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The authors analyzed the reactions of various academic-level respondent groups to 14 short scenarios reflecting ethical dilemmas in higher education and research. As the authors hypothesized, groups differed in their views of the dilemmas presented. The results did not support a 2nd hypothesis predicting a linear relationship between academic achievement of respondent groups and their ethical responses. The authors expected that as respondents gained more exposure to ethical perspectives through further education, they would respond accordingly, supporting a correlation effect. Despite significant differences between groups in their assessments of the dilemmas, situational differences other than educational attainment appeared to be most influential. The authors discussed implications, which raised doubt about whether teaching ethics enhances ethical behavior.


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Journal of Education for Business

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Gundersen, David E., Ernest A. Capozzoli, and Rajasree K. Rajamma. "Learned ethical behavior: An academic perspective." Journal of Education for Business 83, no. 6 (2008): 315-324. doi:10.3200/JOEB.83.6.315-324.



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