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In this article, we explore Active White Space (AWS)—the space between individual logo design elements—as a stylistic modification that revamps a logo design yet preserves its extant associations. Across three studies, we find AWS to be an effective stylistic logo tool. In Study 1, we find that adding AWS to pictorial logos improves their visual evaluation. In Study 2, we find this positive evaluation to spillover to verbal brand aspects such that logo designs with AWS are perceived to communicate brand descriptions more clearly. In Study 3, we find that logo designs with AWS benefit sophisticated brand personalities the most, followed by sincere, exciting, and competent brand personalities, with no effect on rugged brand personalities.


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Journal of Advertising

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Sharma, Nazuk, and Sajeev Varki. "Active White Space (AWS) in Logo Designs: Effects on Logo Evaluations and Brand Communication." Journal of Advertising 47, no.3 (2018): 1-12.



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