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This research examines responses to marketing tactics when consumers consider personal finances, time availability, and the two combined. When considering extenuating circumstances, consumer purchase intention is often influenced by levels of impulsiveness. Therefore, three experiments examined how financial pressure, time pressure, and consumer impulsive tendencies jointly influence consumer decision making regarding an unplanned purchase. Unlike previous research, results show impulsive and nonimpulsive consumers act similarly under time pressure in that purchase intention is enhanced for both; but purchase intention is suppressed for all consumers under financial pressure. When experiencing both simultaneously, financial pressure dictates decision making. The research extends current knowledge regarding consumer decision making and external forces.


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Journal of Marketing Theory & Practice

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Van Steenburg, Eric and Iman Naderi (2020), “Unplanned Purchase Decision Making Under Simultaneous Financial and Time Pressure,” Journal of Marketing Theory & Practice, 28(1), 98-116.



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