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In 2010, Fairfield University received a three-year grant from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), through Higher Education for Development (HED), to support a university service-learning program to deliver educational material on health-related topics to middle school students in Bambey, Senegal, a rural area, 60 miles east of the capital, Dakar. Fairfield University must work with the selected partner, Université de Bambey, which has four rural campuses, about 20 miles apart, connected by both paved and dirt roads. Resources are scarce, as is a consistent electricity and water supply. However, the faculty is dedicated and competent, and the students are vibrant, intelligent, and hard working. The various courses of study are distributed across the campuses, unlike the variety on a single campus in the United States. Each Université de Bambey campus might have just two or three majors of study. The USAID/HED grant specifies that Service- Learning must be used to deliver the training, and the use of computer technology is essential. The project will begin with pretesting of the professors and students, followed by testing at the end of the project, to assess the success of the project.


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Issues in Information Systems

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Vinekar, Vishnu, Winston Tellis and Elizabeth Langran. 2011. Using ICT and Service Learning in Rural Senegal: Project funded by USAID/HED. Issues in Information Systems XII (1) 464-472.

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