Consequences of Value in Retail Markets

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We suggest that merchandise value, affect and two types of loyalty are related in the retail domain. Based on ideas from cognitive psychology on the structure of value we suggest that merchandise value is directly related to repurchase loyalty but indirectly related to attitudinal loyalty via the construct of store affect. Additionally, our model proposes that attitudinal loyalty is related to willingness to pay a price premium while repurchase loyalty is not. We also control for the effects of store familiarity and convenience. We test our hypotheses in three studies and find that, in general, our model is well supported at the level of both individual consumers and stores. Additionally, we find that perceived retailer differentiation moderates the effect of merchandise value on store affect.


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Journal of Retailing

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Chaudhuri, Arjun and Mark Ligas (2009), “Consequences of Value in Retail Markets,” Journal of Retailing, 85 (3), 406-419.



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